who is rachita?

Who is Rachita?

Table of Contents Nov, 2nd, 2049. A NightmareA Trip to Rachita’s memory laneA walk into the modern worldWho is Rachita actually?Rachita’s present lifeA strange Incident Nov, 2nd, 2049. A Nightmare “No, No, No” Rachita woke up sweating profusely and gasping for air. Her face was pale as she was terrified, she had a terrible nightmare.

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app development cost in India

How much does it cost to make an app? (A Comprehensive Guide to app development process!)

Table of Contents Why do you need an app in the first place?What factors determine the cost of making an app?UI and UXOthers: What are the Apps complexity scale?Basic app: 3-4 screens, 2-3 features onlyMedium app: Backened database, integrated APIsComplex app: multiple features including hardware ones, streaming, networking, etc.Here are the details of some additional

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