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Best Diwali Gifting Ideas For Family (2019)

best diwali gifts for family

Caution: Diwali is closer than it might appear! 

Oh, well, that’s not alarming but the constant little tick that we always get in our head about what to gift to our family, our friends and all the other people that are important in our life.

It can be overwhelming to find time to sit online or visit local stores to find that perfect Diwali gift for family.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

We at ReviewYogi have curated this huge list of Diwali gifting ideas for family that will surely be your saviour at this festive time so that you can worry less and spend more time with your family.


Side note: Diwali is the most awaited and the most exciting festival of India. Don’t forget to gift smiles this Diwali to the people around you, be it your neighbours, maid or security guard. Make them feel great about you!


Wondering, what gifts to give on Diwali to your family?

Since the Amazon offers the cheapest products than any offline or Online shop. We are discussing products that are available on amazon.

Below is our best curated list of highly rated products that are available on amazon and qualifies as a best Diwali gifting ideas for your family and important people in your life. The best part is you can also send these gifts online to someone thats far away, just don’t forget to tick “This product is a gift” option while checking out on Amazon.

Read this article till the end!


1. Double Door Refrigerator

best diwali gifts for family

Is your family have a decade old refrigerator? Well this is the time for an upgrade.

You can gift them with a new refrigerator with more advanced features and more capacity.

A double door fridge is something that is very popular these days then a single door mainly due to more capacity and more room for deep freezing stuff such as meat, instant fried snacks, chocolates and ice-creams.

There are a lot of refrigerators starting from 20k to a lakh and it totally depends on your budget and needs.

Check out our top recommendations and also category page for more.

ReviewYogi recommends:

Buy Best Double Door Refrigerator on Amazon


2. Washing Machine Fully Automatic (Front Load)

best diwali gifts for family

Washing machine makes as a useful Diwali gift for your family. Laundry worries and eats up a lot of daily time of most people.

Life becomes easier with a washing machine, when you don’t have to spend your precious time on daily household stuff such as laundry.

It’s great if you can save your family’s time by gifting them the latest fully automatic front load washing machine.

So that they can worry less on daily tasks and enjoy life more.

ReviewYogi recommends:

Buy Best Washing Machine on Amazon


3. Smart TV

best diwali gifting ideas for family

Trust me, most people would be waiting for this time of the year to buy a TV. Well, they know this is the only best time of the year to buy stuff like this due to heavy price slashing by the brands and shops be it online or offline.

A smart TV is also a great option for Diwali gifting. Obviously smart television is a great source of information along with entertainment.

With cheaper internet and a lot of streaming services we now have more reasons than ever to buy a smart TV.

If you are looking to gift something worthy for leisure and entertainment then Smart TV is surely a best choice to gift this Diwali to your family.

Below is the category page for Smart TV and also our recommended list of Tvs.

ReviewYogi recommends:

Buy Best Smart TV on Amazon


4. Induction Cooktop


exclusive diwali gift for family

Induction cooktop is really a great alternative to gas burner which we traditionally use for cooking.

The great thing about induction cooktop is that it is flameless and operates on electricity so it can come handy if in case you run out of cooking gas.

Since its flameless it is extremely safe and convenient to use it anywhere, literally anywhere, in your room as well.

You don’t have to worry about switching off fans or worry about fire. Keep it anywhere and use it anywhere.

ReviewYogi recommends:

Buy Best Induction Cooktop on Amazon


5. Wall Paintings

best diwali gifting ideas for family

Paintings are also a great Diwali gifting idea for your family.

Who doesn’t like paintings in their room.

Paintings set the mood and vibe of the room and give people something to look at when they are relaxing.

Paintings give life to your empty walls and makes a great decor item.

ReviewYogi recommends:

Buy Best Wall Paintings on Amazon


6. Metal Handmade Golden Tree of Wisdom Wall Hanging Art Decor

send diwali gifts online

This piece of art look stunning and well suited for living/dining room.

It is called the Tree of Wisdom, sounds deep and enlightening, isn’t it?

It has got amazing ratings and reviews on amazon and also it is Amazon’s best choice.

This can be a great Diwali gifting idea for family this year.

Read product details below for more info.

Product details:

  • It’s made entirely by hand using traditional skills handed down a durable wrought-iron twirled tree spread branches pattern with the golden colored finish that adds a modern design to any home and office
  • Size: length 31-inches x height 28-inches | weight: 1.99kg | material : metal
  • This wall decor features a beautiful tree motif birds sitting on branches, which complements a nature inspired decor. It is an excellent enhancement for a modern home decoration
  • Let your contemporary style home decor find a worthy addition with this wall hanging tree. Having an enticing design and classic work of craftsmanship
  • Add to your room decor with this handcrafted tree wall arts piece. It will give an elegant look to your home decor. Attractive and eye catcher look with royal finish also for a batter match with your interior decoration

Buy Golden Tree of Wisdom on Amazon


7. 3D Metallic Finish Home Decor Butterfly with Sticking Pad

send diwali gifts online

Another great home decor item, It can beautify your living room. These metallic finish home decor butterfly looks great on wall and certainly amazes people.

This can be gifted to your parents as a Diwali gift. The package comes with twelve of these butterfly with sticking pad for easy sticking on the wall.

Read product details for more information.

Product details:

  • Comes with tack and got double-sided adhesive in the body of the butterfly, can be applied on all smooth surfaces, such as walls, doors, closets, plastic, metal, fridges, laptops, tv, cars and so on
  • Perfect design with unique and beautiful,designed with adhesive sticker and magnet to help attach to the wall
  • Awesome decoration item, it has a metallic finish and will make your surroundings look beautiful
  • Fine quality material – durable and elegant

Buy 3D Home Decor Butterfly on Amazon


8. Home Centre Barbara Albin Solid Swan Figurine

best diwali gifts for friends

Look at it how beautiful and serene it is! Isn’t it?

This figurine comes from a well known home decor brand–Home Centre.

It can act as  a light decorative material or figurine that you can place in your living room.

This is one of the best Diwali gifts you can give to your friends and family and I am sure they would love it.

Buy White Swan Figurine on Amazon


9. Smartphone

best diwali gifts for friends

Technology changes rapidly these days and believe it or not our phones gets old and slow in just a year, thanks to increasing sizes of apps and the bloat that it accumulates with every software update.

This leaves us constantly changing smartphones every year or two, whether we like it or not.

If your parents or any of your family members are still using a slow old phone which is at the verge of dying, this is the time to buy them a new one.

Also, manufactures offer awesome diwali deals on these smartphones so it is also a great reason to gift a smartphone.

ReviewYogi recommends:

Buy Best Smartphone on Amazon


10. Electric Rice Cooker

best diwali gift for parents

Electric rice cookers are a new trend in kitchen appliances industry. Almost every manufacturer is making an electric rice cooker.

Rice is a staple food in India, we make rice almost every day. The electric rice cooker is useful as it automatically cooks the rice and shuts the power when completed or even keep the rice on warm mode until the cooker is opened.

This makes a rice cooker a great life saver as you don’t have to constantly wait and count its whistle.

So why not save on gas and remove the hassle of making rice for your family.

ReviewYogi recommends:

Buy Best Electric Rice Cooker on Amazon


11. Dishwasher

best diwali gift for parents

Nobody likes to wash the piles of used dishes and crockey after a fun party or a get together.

That’s when dishwasher comes into good use. A dishwasher is also a great gifting option this diwali.

This will not only help in washing utensils after dinner or a party but it will also help your family stay worry free about washing dishes and they could enjoy their much needed time with family rather than spending it at a dish cleaning sink.

Plus, it can save you a lot of money that you would have to otherwise spend on maid!

ReviewYogi recommends: Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Buy Best Dishwasher on Amazon


12. Room Air purifiers

best diwali gift for parents

Winter is coming! I know this sounds familiar due to Game of Thrones but seriously winter is coming so as the season of bad air quality and lots of air pollutants.

We are not only unsafe outside but inside as well since toxic air will be present everywhere. And this toxic air pollution havoc starts with Diwali, if you remember, this happens every time since past couple of years! 

We cannot do anything outdoors to prevent ourselves from this polluted air but definitely inside we can have an air purifier.

Air purifiers filter the air inside of a home, making less suffocation and much enjoyable and relaxed environment.

So, air purifier also qualifies as a useful Diwali gifts for family.

There are a lot of brands to choose from. You can choose anyone that suits your budget and room size, I have attached a category page for your help.

ReviewYogi recommends:

Buy Best Air Purifiers on Amazon


13. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean Vacuum Cleaner with Free Dust Bags

diwali gifts for friends

Vacuum cleaner can also be a great Diwali gifting option for your parents.

It can greatly help them in cleaning home as cleaning tends to eat up most of their time which they can rather spend enjoying life.

This cleaner from eureka forbes is a great product as it is already an Amazon best seller and has great reviews and ratings on amazon.

Its compact size and wheels makes it very convenient.

Read product details for more information.

Product details:

  • Dust bag full indicator
  • Automatic Cord Winder: Easy to use and store
  • Suction control on handle to control the airflow. Suction of Motor-1700 mm of water column
  • Comfortable Operation: Easy to use foot operated power on-off and chord winder switch
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1200 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts

Buy Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon


14. Dyson cord free vacuum cleaner

diwali gifts for family

Well, if you’re looking for a more powerful all in one vacuum cleaner then this Dyson Vacuum cleaner is something you should consider.

I mean look at it how great it is and multipurpose! There is nothing that this vacuum cleaner cannot do, obviously related to cleaning.

It is Intelligently optimised for power and run time. It can deep clean anywhere.

The vacuum cleaner has High Torque cleaner head intelligently adapts to different floor types in Auto mode. The informative LCD screen displays battery run time countdown and machine performance in real time Whole-machine filtration captures 99.97% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0 3 microns.

The vacuum cleaner comes with 9 tools and accessories. it also has a cool feature called Hygienic ‘point and shoot’ bin emptying.

And the best thing about this amazing vacuum cleaner is that it is cordless so no more looking for power source, socket or power extension cables all around your house bothering your cleaning process.

The number of features it has is too much that I cannot even explain here!

Check out its product page on amazon.

Buy Dyson cord free vacuum cleaner on Amazon



This was it for the list of best Diwali gifts for family. Hope this list helps you out in choosing that perfect gift for your family members and to all those who are important in your life even if it is your maid, gardener, security guard or house help. Don’t forget to make them happy and feel great about you!


So, Which gift are you giving this Diwali to your people? Do let us know in the comments below. We would love to know!


Note: Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page for future reference!


ReviewYogi wishes you and your family a Very Happy Diwali in advance!


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